Making learning French fun for young learners

The core ideas in our teaching is to see our young students achieve excellent academic results but also most importantly see them grow the love of the language and acquire long lasting communication skills in French.

We have helped many achieve outstanding results in their GSCE, A levels and other exams such as 11 + Independent schools entry exams for Westminster under, St Pauls, Eton, Royal Grammar School, King’s College and many more institutions.

Our teaching is adapted from the national curriculum and school programs.  We also put also great emphasis on the exploration of various cross curricular topics related to the French language, history and Francophone culture.

We provide diverse and relevant additional resources to make our teaching  more fun for young learners.

We also  teach and encourage our  students ways  to continue learning and thinking independently after the lessons and we can provide additional resources/homework if required after each lesson.

Typically our lessons for  pupils or students can vary from 1 hour,  1 and an half hour or 2 hours  at your location or any places that might be suitable.

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